The “Tipping Point” author and New Yorker columnist is getting into audio

“You think with your eyes, and you feel with your ears” that was Malcolm’s answer when Stephen Colbert asked him why he took the route of creating his latest podcast Revisionist History rather than write his 6-time best seller. “You write a book, you can communicate very complicated ideas and people will grasp them but you can’t move people emotionally or if it’s very hard to”.

Malcolm Gladwell is the author of “The Tipping Point” and a columnist for the New Yorker, who is famous for blending social science with reporting to create “a-ha” moments for readers. His latest podcast with Panoply Media, “Revisionist History,” tries to make listeners go back and rethink somethings from the past: an event, a person, an idea that are “misunderstood or unjustly forgotten,” he said. The nature of podcasting makes his relationship with those listeners profoundly different from what it would be with a written column in a place like the New Yorker.

Malcolm was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this summer promoting his podcast and he goes on to say “There are five moments in my ten episodes of Revisionist History where I am almost certain people will cry. I cry when I just think about these moments – I want to cry, and that to me is such a powerful thing”.

Gladwell then told the host about the time he discovered “real emotion,” as he puts it. “There’s a moment in my second to last episode of my show where I’m interviewing this 98-year-old Mennonite pastor from Lancaster County, but there’s a moment when he’s talking and he just starts to cry and everyone in the room is crying and I’m trying not to cry because I’m trying to conduct an interview on tape and I didn’t want to sob,” Gladwell revealed.

Colbert speculated what the center of Gladwell’s belief system is. “What is the core of Malcolm Gladwell?” the host asked. “I just want to explain things to people,” Gladwell answered.

And cry.

Watch the full interview below:

Before you click play, don’t forget Malcolm will be speaking at HR Summit and Expo on 16 November 2016 in Dubai.