Informa Connect Academy Launches with Groundbreaking Programmes

October 11, 2023 thehrobserver-hrobsever-InformaConectAcademy

Informa Connect, a global leader in live events, digital content, and professional skills development, announces the Informa Connect, as the flagship global brand of their training division with an aim to amplify organisations’ untapped potential across their operations and empower individuals to take their career development to the next level.  

The launch of Informa Connect Academy is the next progression of Informa’s professional learning experience, giving individuals and companies a suite of expertise-driven, best-in-class training products to unlock untapped organisational potential and elevate lifelong careers, the company said in a statement. 

“As we take this significant step in unifying our global training businesses under Informa Connect Academy, we’re not just making an announcement; we’re marking the dawn of a new era in professional learning,” said Shabnam Rawal, Managing Director of Informa Connect Academy.

The company said that the academy provides solutions that are shaped by industry leaders to ensure actionable learning, measurable outcomes, and memorable learning experiences.

“Being a FTSE-listed company, we understand the very fabric of business, so we’re not just preparing businesses and learners for the world of today, but for the challenges of tomorrow. We offer far more than just courses, we offer experiences that are diverse, tailored, and led by some of the foremost experts in their fields, through accredited programs that open doors across the globe, to cutting-edge learning experiences uniquely crafted to organisational needs,” said Rawal. 

Leveraging a global network across continents, the Academy offers a seamless, unified learning experience that readies professionals and organisations to be even more future-ready, the company explained.

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