Research shows 90 percent of new information people are exposed to is forgotten within a week without reinforcement

Mapping out the right learning journey should be a shot in the arm for individuals and organisations in 2018

UAE, 13 December 2017: As we close in on the end of 2017 those infamous New Year resolutions will soon be recycled, with people far and wide scribbling down personal plans and career goals for 2018, resolving to improve on missed opportunities.

Companies will be plotting out their own resolutions, combing through budgets and plans, giving careful consideration to how much time and money to invest in staff training to develop better individuals and teams for a more productive, profitable organisation.

However, whether its mulling over that gym membership or signing up the corporate team to the next round of training, personal and professional learning development must be treated as a journey, not just a quick fix and ticking boxes, says Hazel Jackson, CEO of Biz Group.

It takes more than two months, 66 days to be exact, according to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, so it’s little wonder that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by mid-February.

When it comes to remembering new material, according to the ‘Forgetting Curve’, a person forgets 90 percent of new information they have been exposed to within a week, without reinforcement.

“For years, companies have been wasting 90 percent of their training investment by expecting a quick fix. People attend a training session, think they’ve learnt the necessary skills they need to be better at their jobs but, they just forget them,” says Jackson.

“The world is moving at such a rapid pace that people want instant solutions, but self-improvement and upskilling your employees is an investment in time and requires dedication. Regardless of whether it’s those common resolutions we set ourselves or the targets and objectives that companies layout, things don’t change overnight. It takes regular input and attention to achieve those goals.

“We need to understand that training and development is a journey to a metaphorical destination, and not just a quick fix.”

For those thinking of writing down ‘improving leadership skills’ as one of your resolutions, there’s an array of elements to consider, especially reminding your employer that a half-day workshop probably isn’t going to achieve a positive outcome for either party. Just like going for one afternoon stroll isn’t going to help you reach that resolution goal of ‘shedding 5lbs’.

Learning represents a journey. Starting with research and development, assessment, and experiential workshops, the journey moves on to virtual learning circles, work-based assignments, one-to-one coaching, digital reinforcement, digital learning on demand and digital learning and analytics.

With a bespoke suite of curated learning journeys, Biz Group offers a solution to the needs of many regional businesses and their employees with a tailored programme of holistic training experiences designed to maximise learners’ retention, link learning to work and provide tangible results for the business.

“We want companies and individuals to accept that change is a journey. One-off training doesn’t stick. We have crafted journeys across our different learning programs and solutions to enhance the impact training has on teams and individuals,” adds Jackson.

“Learning never stops; senior management and HR professionals need to better understand the benefits to their organization of embarking on a journey with their employees.”