By Carol Talbot

How do you show up in the world each day? Do you smile to your colleagues when you enter your workplace or are you wearing a frown?

Did you know that like a 24/7 radio, your thoughts, self-chatter, energy, emotions and presence are loudly communicating to others! In fact, your thoughts and feelings are constant broadcasters, sending and receiving information at every moment.

Research studies have shown that each human heart emits an electromagnetic field that extends up to several feet out from the body in a 360-degree radius. Moreover, the heart is said to be 100,000 times stronger electrically and 5000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. What that means is that your heart literally communicates with the hearts of others in your immediate vicinity! When you feel good, others feel good and conversely, when you’re upset it affects those around you too. Energetic interactions possibly contribute to the ‘magnetic’ attractions or repulsions that occur between people and also affect both business and social relationships.

I’m sure you have experienced being around certain people who seem to drain every last drop of energy from you. You feel exhausted just being near them. Conversely, there are other people who raise your energy and it feels good to be in their presence.

So here is the deal; you, as a human being, are pure energy. You are energy and everything around you is energy and that means you are entangled and connected to everything and every person around you. How you behave, how you think and feel is also vibrating into this field of energy. Your vibration and positive energy can and does affect and impact others.

The planet and everything on it is energy that is vibrating. Your thoughts are vibrating. Your feelings and your desires are vibrating. And it’s a two way street. What you send out into the world bounces right back at you whether that be confidence, or lack of confidence, success, or lack of success, vitality or lack of vitality.

The late Steven Covey said: “We do not see the world as the world is. We see the world as we are.” What this means is that when you manifest a shift in yourself, it impacts others. In fact, the quickest way to bring about a shift in others is to start with yourself. When you shift energetically, it creates a ripple effect.

Author and biologist Rupert Sheldrake developed the concept of morphic resonance; a force that connects each individual with all other individuals in its species, and suggests each species has a group mind or collective consciousness. For example, If you go diving, you’ll see schools of fish all moving in a direction and then switch direction instantaneously as if they all got the message to switch at exactly the same moment. Now imagine this morphic resonance and its impact on a business, within a team or in your life!

So how can you ignite this morphic resonance in your team or business or life? One of the fields I work in is NLP (neuro linguistic programming). It has many different definitions from ‘the new art and science of getting what you want,’ and ‘fitness for the mind’. My own definition is that it’s simply ‘the user manual for your mind.’ NLP is a process of awareness that helps you understand how you do what you do, from your thoughts, behaviour, the language you use to yourself and others on a regular basis, your beliefs, values, and energy. More importantly, it helps you become aware of how your thoughts, behaviour, language, beliefs, values and energy impact yourself and others… and make rapid shifts.

Remember, you have a huge amount of choice in how you choose to show up in the world. When you become aware of your impact on others then you open the door to expanding your potential. It all starts with YOU!