Nojoud G. AlHajjar

    • HR Executive Director

    • Ministry of Investment, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


    An experienced HR professional with over 15 years of experience and a certified coach. Before joining MISA, Nojoud worked in HR across many entities in the financial sector; in both banking and insurance, including SABB, BUPA Arabia and NCB.

    With Human development as her focus, she designed and implemented many HR initiatives in many fields including Talent Management and Succession Planning Frameworks, Graduate Development Programs, Executive and Board Development, Employee Experience and Value Awareness Campaigns. With her eye on strategic impact and her belief in people empowerment, Nojoud transformed many teams to become more productive and result oriented.

    Nojoud holds a Master Degree in Business Administration from UBT, Jeddah and Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from King Saud University.

    HR role in such situations is to have a strong communication plan which addresses employee concerns and worries, as well as, give them the right tools to be productive and ensure business continuity.

    HR Leaders can build on all the achievements that happened despite of the pandemic to strengthen the business case of additional options to work such as working remotely. This pandemic gave as a jump start on trying working remotely for everybody and helped us in building the right governance around it.

    On the other side, it showed the importance of staying connected with employees using a number of creative approaches to do so.

    First and foremost is having in place the right procedures and protocols to ensure the health and safety of the workforce. This is a continued effort to ensure everyone in obeying to the rules and regulations.

    HR should show a lot of flexibility in dealing with such situations, as well as, being agile and look forward for silver-linings in any difficult circumstances.

    What happened in 2020 accelerated our journey toward the future of work both in terms of work nature and ways to work which include the all related technologies. I think we are ready to revamp and evolve from the industrial workforce to the information-based workforce.