In our latest survey, we decided to dive deeper, to see just how many companies in the GCC were using HR tech, and for what purposes. You can find our exclusive findings here, in the first-ever GCC 2020 HR Tech Trends Report.

In the last two years, HR technology became mainstream in GCC, with majority of companies digitally transforming their organizations. In short, this report highlights the key findings from the survey.

“The need for the most qualified candidates is greater than ever before, so naturally, HR professionals are turning to workforce analytics tools to make smarter, datadriven business decisions.”
– Ghassan Talhouk, Head of LinkedIn UAE, LinkedIn Talent Solutions

HR Tech has definitely acquired a foothold in the GCC, but it still has a way to go. Our survey data shows that the majority of our 2020 survey participants have a formal HR Tech strategy in place – 54.64% , while 45.36% of companies do not have a formal HR tech strategy in place. A good reason for this may be budget, HR tech can be expensive and 70% of our respondees have just 1-25% of their budget to acquire these systems. Another reason is simply that digital transformation has been slow going for everyone, in every industry. A 2018 Gartner study tells us that “fewer than 20 percent of employers in seven high-skilled economies are prepared to adopt digital workplace technologies”; HR professionals are certainly not immune to this skills gap that’s been brought about by the rapid pace of digitisation.

Download now to find out more about:

  • HR Tech Strategy across businesses based in GCC
  • AI technology and its adoption within HR
  • People Analytics: How many companies use them or plan on using them in the future
  • HR Tech in GCC: Spending for 2020
  • HR Tech and COVID-19: What Will the Future Hold?

Download the full report here.