Technology and human interaction is a strategic game that must fit in the business strategy on a long term level to be fully embedded, said  Marie-Louise Ek, the VP of Human Resources Middle East, Africa and Turkey, Hilton during her keynote speech,Human at Heart: Building a Truly Human-centered organization in a digital world,  on the second day of HR Summit & Expo, (HRSE) Dubai 2022.

“This is a very crucial cornerstone in our employee value proposition. They expect a smooth  transition  into the company and that should be technology enabled,” she added.

Technology is our friend, she said, think about how much you are embedded by technology in everything you do on a daily basis.

“Any transformation whether it  is culture or  digital is about people. So to operationalize it, it needs to touch every person in  the organization,” she added.

Louise Ek said that companies must think about the scale and relevance to everyone in order to ensure digital transformation in the organization.

“Make sure it is completely inclusive,” she added, “you might not be able to convert everyone but at least invite them to play.”

Democratizing and Embedding Digital

“We need to uncover the fear that people have over this topic,” she said. Louise Ek explained that everyone in the organization must be part of the digital experience  not just for the IT department or the top players of the organization.

“We need to send a message that we are consistent in the way we are operating, we can’t be half digital, half manual,” she added further. Louise Ek stressed the significance of focusing on processes, for example a leadership program, companies  should focus on how to make the program through a technological solution.

“You make it human because you invite people to  work only through that tool or process,” she explained.

The speaker explained that it is important to ensure a consistent language and approach within  the internal and external communications as it will help in the employee value propositions.

“Most often it is great to think of low hanging fruits, where you have a quick ROI, which you can get by listening to people,” she said. Through this process, she explains, companies will get feedback from the people who are working on the subject matter and gain experience in improving the process.

Linking technology to the value or purpose to the organization is a key fundamental, she said, after which they can work with people and make the process human.

“We build a lot of layers because we don’t trust people, but if we want to be human centric we need to bring trust,” she added. “Take the lens of the employees who are working on it.”