The team at The HR Observer have been busy on our blog, doing our best to keep you informed of the latest industry news, great examples and methods of best practice in HR.

Today we look back at some of our most popular blog posts. Here’s a compilation of our top 5 most viewed posts:

1. 10 Ways to Promote Innovation at the Workplace

There used to be a time when creativity and innovation were only associated with artists, musicians, writers and the like. It didn’t take much for an organization to stand out, back then, as the competition wasn’t so intense and certain industrial players dominated the market. Read more

2. Latest Trends in Talent Management – Insights from Towers Watson

Elie Georgiou-Botaris, Senior Talent Management Executive at Towers Watson, speaks in an interview about some of the latest trends in talent management and learning and development consulting. Georgiou-Botaris is recognised for strong leadership and team-building skills and creating long-lasting relationships. Read more

3. Career Management: Whose Responsibility Is It?

Many organisations are avoiding facing the growing challenges of career management by placing the full responsibility on the shoulders of employees. Others still act like puppet masters and believe they can map everyone’s career. And some are trying to strike the right balance that meets both employers’ and employees’ aspirations. So really, whose responsibility is it? Read more

4. How to Spot Top Talent: 10 Traits to Look For When Hiring

In today’s economy, hiring the best people is more critical than ever. Best-in-class companies realize that making ongoing investments in grooming their workforce is important. Instinctively, most HR managers know that a high-performance organization requires great people. Read more

5. Huda Al Ghoson Sets a Powerful Example for Women as She Heads Saudi Aramco’s HR

Huda Al Ghoson is the Executive Director of Human Resources at global oil company Saudi Aramco. Heading the HR functions of such a big organisation in the Kingdom, she shares in this interview her career journey and the steps Saudi Aramco is taking to attract, engage and retain the new generation of workers. Read more

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