By Frederik Haentjens

Nomads are not new. They have traditionally been those who roamed from place to place in search of work and shelter. They had no permanent abode. Today we call digital nomads those who work remotely and have no permanent residence; those who work mostly while traveling the world and working online with their laptop.

There are millions of people around the world who want to be digital nomads. They are tired of their 9 to 5 office jobs and bored with the traditional way they live. You don’t have to be young. Anyone at any age can create this own life, work remotely, and travel extensively.

Stories of digital nomads who are living their dreams include Risa. Risa travels from place to place; visits clients make new contacts and works on her client network. Risa says, “I can spend some time in each place and get to know the character and opportunities. I can slow things down or speed them up at will, and it keeps me from getting bored or complacent with a routine that’s fixed in one location. It has boosted my inspiration and confidence and made me realize how much I wanted and needed a lifestyle like this to thrive.

Risa doesn’t claim that being a digital nomad is easy. She says it takes a tremendous amount of work to keep her business going, do RV renovations (yes, she lives in an RV), and stay fit. Risa says of her life, “It’s always about accountability and time management. I need to balance work with play but make sure I’m not avoiding or procrastinating. I write down the things I KNOW will make things better, and I think about how good it will feel to do it now. That’s how I ended up a digital nomad, with a small RV, I rebuilt myself and with a business and lifestyle I love.” (Risa F. Scott, RF Scott [email protected]).

Meet Ivett from Budapest, Hungary. He was a 9-6 office worker and now is a full-time freelance graphic and web designer. Ivett studied languages, and when he finished his BA, he started working at a multination company as an IT support agent. Ivett loved the salary but hated the limiting prospects of his job.

The summer of 2018, Ivett couldn’t stand the office anymore, found some freelance projects, and took the plunge and quit his day job. Ivett says, “I am now building my own business as a freelance graphic and web designer, and I am finally location independent, which was always my dream. I decide my work hours, I don’t have to go outside in the cold winter mornings (which is a huge plus!), don’t have to waste 3 hours of my day for commuting and more importantly, I can create and work together with inspiring people who want to create something too. This is the best feeling ever!

Ivett also says the journey is not easy, but it is worth everything he puts into it. Ivett’s home base is in Budapest, but he is getting ready to travel more in Hungary and find many beautiful places to live and work. ~ Jakubovics Ivett