With the invention of the internet, it is no longer necessary to work from a static location. You can work on the road and live your life as a digital nomad traveling around the world, experiencing cultures, and doing your work from the beach, the forest, or any exotic place you discover. Can you believe how wonderful it would get paid to travel and write or recruit employees for employers? More people than ever are realizing that they can use their laptops to work from anywhere in the world. You do need to put time and effort into the planning and the process, but anyone with a transferable skill can be a digital nomad.

A major requirement for living a good life as a digital nomad means having a steady source of income. There are challenges associated with working remotely, one challenge is finding sources of income, and another is having the perseverance to complete your projects while on the road no matter where you are and what you do.

A highly successful digital nomad is Brian. Because his business is online and he can work anywhere in the world, and he can enjoy hobbies like watching NFL, working out, and cooking. Brian is from Rhode Island, but he works from Berlin, traveled in Indonesia and Thailand for about six-weeks and worked from Estonia, Portugal, and several other places. He works on his SEO  business while he was traveling, and this enabled Bran to grow his business to a point where he will make almost six figures this year.

Let’s talk about Phil. Phil has made a good life out of a bad situation. He has Crohn’s disease and was forced to stay at home and be static for more than two years. Phil turned his life around and began a coaching program on how to trade online.  He owns a subscription-based-membership website, and this website has provided Phil with over $350,00.

Today he can run his coaching business anywhere in the world. He has gained freedom by helping others run online businesses through his own coaching business. Phil suggests that if you are stuck in the planning phase, you just get going. Act, and don’t think everything will be perfect. Just be free and create your own life.

Freedom to Jenny means open doors of opportunity and great experiences. Jenny quit her job in 2011 and became a freelancer.  She had the background and network to start being a digital nomad in 2013. Now, Jenny loves the freedom of composing feature-length moves from her bedroom in Florence, writing an eBook in Bali and talking with clients while looking at the sites in Paris. Jenny uses her freedom to work with digital agencies to do marketing campaigns for their brands. Jenny’s advice to someone who wants to be a digital nomad. Be flexible with time and energy. Find a good internet connection, have a great sturdy laptop and above all have courage and persistence.

If you want freedom, you have to work for it, but with courage anything is possible.