In a recent development to understand emerging human capital trends, Informa Middle East and The Talent Enterprise have joined forces to launch the region’s first and only Labour Market Confidence Index. Based on opinions of more than 1000 professionals from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the flagship research study will present some of the key indicators of employment, wages, youth employability and nationalisation.

“With the region poised for economic growth, dramatically changing patterns of expatriation, multiplying cohorts of young people entering the workplace and the fastest growing rates of female participation in the formal labour market anywhere in the world, employers are asking for a clearer insight into the future of work in our region. This is particularly true in the UAE in preparation for Expo 2020. The annual MENA Labour Market Confidence Index aims to address that need”, said Radhika Punshi, Consulting Director of The Talent Enterprise.

This is the first and only initiative that will provide an indicator of labour market sentiment, capturing the views of business and HR leaders on employment growth, youth inclusion and nationalisation outlook. Insights are collected through an online survey that is easily accessed by professionals from across the region.

“We have launched this project with the aim of having more than 1,000 HR professionals participate in this research. The report will be a result of one of the largest HR surveys ever conducted in the region. Furthermore, this is going to be an annual initiative that will provide trends tracking for the HR and business community in the region over time”, said Ramy Bayyour, Conference Director at Informa Middle East.

“From the Maghreb to the Mashreq and throughout the Levant, each country and its labour markets are distinct and yet intertwined”, said David Jones, Managing Director of The Talent Enterprise. “The Labour Market Confidence Index is simple and free of charge to complete, using the power and undoubted confidentiality of our data analytics to help participants unlock the understand the forces determining the future talent landscape in which they operate. I personally encourage any and all business and HR professionals to take the time to complete the survey as soon as possible”.

The survey will eventually metamorphose into a report that will be published and distributed at the HR Summit and Expo 2014, the Middle East’s largest show dedicated to HR professionals in the region. Running for more than a decade of providing an ultimate platform to feature the latest innovation, strategies, insights and international best practices, the show has the perfect potential to initiate such a comprehensive study.

For more information about the MENA Labour Market Confidence Index and to complete the survey, visit




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