By the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), Vision Executive Search , and Gulland Padfield

In this, the AESC’s third Client Report, we wanted not just to capture, interpret, and summarize the latest snapshot of client views on the retained search firm but to go a step further.

This year we want to think harder about the implications of what the client community is saying to our industry and for the individual firms in it. We want to frame the challenges and understand the true strengths and weaknesses of the service that Search firms provide. Above all, we want to ask some penetrating questions, start a discussion, and offer guidance on the points arising from our study about the optimal business model of the Search firm.

We propose to build on this approach in our up-coming conferences in 2014 at which we will explore the practical steps search firm leaders and management teams could consider in order to align themselves more closely to their clients’ evolving needs. To help us explore some of the findings of this year’s Client Report, we have partnered with Gulland Padfield, the strategy consultancy to professional services firms, to explore some of the practical implications arising from it for our industry and for individual firms. This extended version of the report has been produced in conjunction with Vision Executive Search in Dubai for the 2014 HR Summit and Expo.

It is clear from the forums and discussions that the AESC hosts that some of our members are already responding with bold and imaginative changes and are experimenting with aspects of their business with the aim of finding sustained appeal among the client community and attracting revenue and margin growth as a result.

Access the full report here.

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