Webinar Guide to “Job Evaluation and Grades”

Webinar Guide to “Job Evaluation and Grades”

What are the Four Main Skills of Job Evaluation and Grades and How to Build the Correct Grade Structure to Underpin Compensation Design

This webinar will cover the four critical skills in “Job Evaluation and Grades” and will cover the following topics:
– What is a Grading Structure?
– What is Job Evaluation?
– The Four Main Skills of Job Evaluation:
(a) How To Score Each Job (the “Technical Difficult” skill)
(b) Where to Draw the Grade Break Lines (the “Easy” skill)
(c) How Many Grade Break Lines (the “Really Crucial” skill)
(d) What to Call The Grades and Job Titles (the “Political” skill)
– Best Practice Approaches for Job Evaluation and Grades

Robert Mosley, CEO of Lemon Pip Consulting Limited, Compensation and Performance Guru for the GCC Region

Robert Mosley is globally recognised as the leading expert on both “Compensation” and “Performance”, and in recognition of his iconic status, Robert was awarded the “Global HR Leadership Award” in 2017 by the “World HR Congress” to recognise his iconic contribution to the global C&B community and to recognise his “guru” status on C&B topics.


Apr 22 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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