Webinar Guide to “Agile Performance Management”

Webinar Guide to “Agile Performance Management”

What are the Three Key Pillars of Agile Performance Management: Understanding OCD (Objectives, Competencies, Development)

This webinar will cover the eight critical decisions in “Agile Performance Management” and “Next Generation PM&PA” including the following:
– What is Performance Management
– Objectives: KPIs or MSCs
– Competencies
– Weighting of “Objectives” and “Competencies”
– Development
– Ratings Scales
– Ratings Words
– Forced Distribution and “Snap-Ratio”

Robert Mosley, CEO of Lemon Pip Consulting Limited, Compensation and Performance Guru for the GCC Region

Robert Mosley is globally recognised as the leading expert on both “Compensation” and “Performance”, and in recognition of his iconic status, Robert was awarded the “Global HR Leadership Award” in 2017 by the “World HR Congress” to recognise his iconic contribution to the global C&B community and to recognise his “guru” status on C&B topics.


Apr 21 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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