Pay-for-Performance (Merit-Pay and Annual Pay Review)

Pay-for-Performance (Merit-Pay and Annual Pay Review)

  • What Motivates and Retains an Employee?
  • Performance Management and The Goal of Linking Pay to Performance
  • Managing the Annual Merit-Pay Review Process and Linking Pay with Performance
  • Conducting and Managing the Annual Pay Review Process (both Fixed-Pay and Merit-Pay)
  • Linking Merit-Pay and Annual Pay Reviews to Individual Employee Performance Ratings
  • Rewarding Performance within Basic Salary Increases and Merit-Pay Reviews
  • Rainbow Curves to Manage Compensation and Pay-for-Performance
  • Developing and Using a Merit-Matrix (both “Traditional” and “Constrained”)
  • Managing an Annual Pay Review Process and Managing Progression Up Through a Pay Range
  • Managing Compa-Ratios and Using Compa-Ratio Progression Guidelines
  • Coping with Lump-Sum Payments instead of Pay Reviews for Employees at Maximum of Pay Range

Informa is delighted to announce a Webinar Series delivered by none other than Compensation Guru – Robert Mosley. Seats will be limited, so please make sure that you book your place soon to avoid disappointment.

It must be emphasised that each of theses training sessions is an online 2-hour webinar, consisting mainly of a presentation by Robert Mosley of the main skills and technical knowledge associated with each subject, plus some time for questions and discussion by participants, but these webinars are providing a summary-level of knowledge about the main topics, and these are not “deep-dive” sessions that will instantly turn a delegate into an “expert” after just 2-hours of online training.

Robert Mosley

Robert Mosley is globally recognised as the leading expert on both “Compensation” and “Performance”. In recognition of his iconic “guru” status and contribution to the global C&B community, Robert was awarded the “Global HR Leadership Award” in 2017 by the “World HR Congress”, recognising him as the leading expert trainer and consultant on C&B topics.

Robert is an expert across many industries and countries on compensation and benefits, and is also a leading expert in the more general field of HR and performance management. His main areas of expertise and specialism are in the fields of job analysis, job descriptions, job evaluation, grading schemes, pay structures, allowances, bonuses and incentives, industrial relations and collective agreements, performance management, performance appraisals, and all issues on compensation and benefits globally, especially in the GCC and Asia having worked in these regions for over 30 years.


Aug 11 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm