By Frederik Haentjens

Final Thoughts on Whether To Be or Not to Be a Remote Worker.

The choice is yours to make. Everyone is different, but the remote worker has a significant and positive impact on the modern and future workforce. Besides the happier and healthier employee, the environmental impacts are extraordinary.

With many businesses, both small and large, transitioning into a more remote workforce…Becoming a successful remote worker may help you with the new age workflow. Answering the question, to be or not to be a remote worker?

…In my opinion, quite simply, BE a remote worker.

The more contemporary workspace, creative schedules, and better work-life balance is key to a happy work and home life. Gone are the days of the mundane and traditional office space with that unproductive 9 to 5 schedule. Living outside the box will increase the remote workers’ happiness if the essential rules are followed. Being productive stems from organization and planning.

Monitor noise control to encourage focus and productivity. Create an organized, designated workspace that will provide you with little distractions throughout your workday. Do not be cheap on the office chair! Find something with good arch support that will not leave your aching after long periods of work. Be organized and plan your days according to the workload at hand. Designate a specific workspace inside your home. Maintain some order in this workspace and limit distractions. Honor your designated work times as well!

The first step for successful remote work is to set up a thoughtful plan for the structure of your day. I want you to think about two specific things. Using your calendar correctly to organize your work and understanding how to structure work within one working day.

Here is a suggestion, begin each day with a scheduling session. Take ten minutes every morning to create a daily agenda. Be sure to include what you need to get done personally as well. After you have set your day’s intentions and goals…Get to work!

Create milestones, goals, and a well-communicated list of desired accomplishments that will lead to realistic and achievable results. Do not forget to make time for physical and mental health, whether it be a nature walk or yoga, or cardio, move your body!

Second, working remotely, especially from home, requires a dedicated workspace, which helps the brain focus on work when in this space. Limit distractions and splurge a little on things like your office chair because a comfortable chair you must sit in for hours on end will make all the difference to your back.

For remote working success, it is vital to establish and maintain organization and strong, open, and consistent communication. Time management, focus, attention to detail, and meeting deadlines will also ensure your success as a remote worker.

“Now, more than ever before, it is crucial you are engaged with your teammates. We’re currently attempting to work through one of the biggest economical and social downturns any of us have ever seen. While it might be easy to think you can carry on business as usual, the reality is that we need each other now more than ever. COVID-19 is going to impact us all differently. Be sure to stay connected and engaged with your team to support each other as we work through these transitions. Simple things like virtual coffee with a teammate or a happy hour with everyone are simple solutions to help you stay connected and close to your team. Don’t let distance be the reason you fall out of sync.” (Wenk, 2020).

To be or not to be a remote worker? BE!


Wenk, Ryan. 4 Essentials for Remote Work in 2020. (2020). Worksited.