Date and time: Tue, May 13th, 2014 7:00 PM UAE Time

This webinar will cover the latest approaches for retention schemes in the GCC and using 9-Box Techniques for talent management and employee retention. It will uncover The Three “Ps” of Retention: from Potential to Pressure and Pain. It will also cover retention bonus payments and includes an open Q&A session.

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About the Speaker

Robert Mosley is widely recognised in many industries and many countries as one of the leading global experts on compensation and benefits in all sectors across the GCC, and is also a leading expert in the more general field of human resources within the aviation and airline sectors.

He was the head of the Middle East practice with Hay Group in 1988-1990 before joining the Emirates Group and later promoted to the role of SVP Human Resources. He spent 13 years with Emirates Group, before establishing his own remuneration consulting business, Lemon Pip Consulting Limited, where he is working with over 300 companies in the Middle East and 80 airlines globally.

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