The 2nd Emirati Youth Forum, as part of the IIR Emiratisation Summit took place last week in Abu Dhabi at ADNEC alongside the career fair Tawdheef.

The Forum played host to Emirati students who flocked to Abu Dhabi from all over the Nation to voice their opinions and express their aspirations in a day-long discussion around Emiratisation.

Representatives from both the public and private sectors were also present to engage in a direct dialogue with the youth. The forum also featured inspiring talks from renowned Emirati role models.

Students, from colleges and universities around the UAE, also took part in an informal live-polling session to form an overview of what our sample of Emirati youth looks for in a future employer and their expectations in terms of salary, career progression and opportunities.

We wanted to share the results of the survey with our readers in hope to help the private sector better understand what the Emirati Youth really thinks rather than resorting to generalisation and stereotypes.

We appreciate that this sample in no way represents all of the Emirati Youth but we are hopeful that it will give companies a head-start in understanding where the issues are and take actions to address them. We hope to see you in the 2015 forum.

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