By: Mary Pratt, Recruitment & Talent Coach, Dare 42 Talent

It seems like a no brainer that you should have an amazing talent strategy, right? But if it was so simple, then why isn’t the world full of addictive brands? The kind you would drop everything to work for, the ones you visualise having on your resume, and the ones you get jealous of your friends working at.

Simply put, it’s all down to how much you as a leader REALLY want it. When I say you, I am initially focusing on the CEO and Leadership team, because this team will be the “Beatles” or “Rolling Stones” (or whatever band appeals to you!) of the organisation.

The CEO and leadership team are the ones who have the idea, have the drive, and can stand up on stage and create their loyal addictive fan base – in this case, the fan base are their employees. These are the ones who are known as legends and who continue to sell music 20 years later!

However, on the flip side, other “bands” let fame go to their heads and forget their fans. Before you know it, they vanish into thin air with bad press and nothing in their bank accounts and get classed as “has been’s”, and their one-time fans refuse to even listen to their songs any more. They move on and find new bands to idolise!

Creating an unmistakable talent strategy in organisations is something that leaders are required to REALLY  want, and not just because it is on the HR Objectives agenda, typed on your job description, or put down as a 2015 project. This is something that once you start, you can’t stop, nor do you want to stop.

It’s not just about throwing in some engagement surveys, pretending to listen to the feedback, then craftily sweeping the things you don’t really want to address under the carpet. It’s not about painting your values across the wall to try and fob people off that you REALLY can recite them by heart. This is all about having a burning desire to be the change, to be the team that is remembered, and to simply be that rock band where failure is not an option.

Remember this daily mantra from my incredible friend and Coach:

You may know what is right and what is wrong, but do you do what is right?

Do you?

“We” as leaders have a duty to do what is right and to do what our fans were promised. But before you venture on this journey, there’s three things you must focus on. Print off this article, take it with you, and read it when you really have time, because these three things will be the deal breakers.

  1. Are YOU ready? This journey can feel like pushing an iron ball up a slippery hill. It’s hard, it slips back, and it can be frustrating, BUT if you really want it, then that ball will make it to the top and it will then roll so hard and fast that you can’t stop it! Are you ready for the challenge?
  2. Do you have the right leaders in place? I’m going to write three words here that you may gasp at, but believe me, they are written down with love and passion for people: “Good Leaders Fire.” There you have it. If you have that niggling doubt that you do not have the right leaders in place, then ask yourself this question:“Have I coached and developed this leader?” If the answer is no, then it is critical to do this. Remember that people are not made perfect. Just because you may have enticed the best Head of HR from your competitor or have recruited someone with a trophy cabinet of Harvard degrees does NOT mean that they will be the best Head of HR in your business. It all depends on whether or not their values align with your values and vision. If you can hand on heart say ‘yes’ that you have coached and developed this leader and they are still NOT displaying the right behaviour, then for you to achieve your vision, you HAVE to release them. In actual fact, how cruel is it NOT to let go of people who are not moulding into your team?
  3. Finally, can you answer yes to these questions:
  • Do you have the COURAGE to do?
  • Do you have the HUMILITY to do?
  • Do you have the DISCIPLINE to do?

These are just some of the things Mary Pratt and Linda Sharkey will be looking into in depth at the Bootcamp in Talent Mastery. The day will be insightful and will offer simple tips and tricks to allow you to walk away with an effective step-by-step talent management guide as well as a development plan for your team and for yourself.

*Mary is a Recruitment & Talent Coach at Dare 42 Talent. She will also be conducting the Certified Talent Mastery Bootcamp, a post-forum master class at the Learning & Talent Development Forum 2015.

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