Dr. Lynda Gratton

Professor, author, thought leader and founder of Hot Spots Movement, Lynda Gratton, brings over 20 years’ experience to HR Summit and Expo 2017.

During day two of the regional HR event, delegate ticket holders will have the opportunity to attend two sessions with HR Guru Lynda as she discusses how the corporate world has changed dramatically over recent years, reshaped by the forces of technology, globalisation and demography, and how it is due to affect the future of HR.

“I’m going to look at some of the major trends that are shaping work – the impact of automation, how longer lives will re-configure work, the role of families and shifting expectations of families, and the impact of diversity.

I’m also going to talk about intangible assets and how important productivity, vitality and transformational assets are.”

– Shares Lynda Gratton, ahead of her talk at HR Summit and Expo.

HR technology is a key feature at this year’s HR Summit & Expo with a brand new HR tech zone showcasing the newest technologies and solutions. There is no doubt that technology will continue to have a resounding impact in the workplace but as Lynda shares, “the biggest opportunity is to use technology to enable people to have more time to focus on high-value work such as customer focus or innovation.”

Find Lynda Gratton on the Guru stage on day two of HR Summit and Expo, more details here.