Coworking is individuals working independently with others in a shared office space. What are coworking spaces? Coworking spaces are actual places used by people who are freelancers, self-employed, or work from home.

Digital nomads use coworking spaces and stated that this working arrangement had a positive influence on their working conditions. The digital nomads interviewed, 62 percent said they had a significant improvement in their work, 71 percent said they were on creative, 90 percent felt more controlled and confident, and 70 percent of digital nomads interviewed felt healthier in a coworking environment. Working with other digital nomads can have many advantages. Some of these advantages are

  • Working alongside other helps you stay motivated.
  • You can chat with others and get different ideas about working and traveling.
  • The atmosphere in a digital workspace is more professional than sitting on a sandy beach.
  • Digital nomads live on coffee, and coworking spaces have coffee available.
  • Office space is affordable and helps take away the feeling of isolation.
  • Most coworking spaces offer private meeting rooms, kitchens, desks, and good Wi-Fi connections.

Coworking space companies There are many coworking spaces around the work to help digital nomads get their work done while traveling. Some of these coworking company spaces are:

  • Copass
    You need a membership pass that gives you access to about 650 coworking spaces across 70 countries. There are many different payment plans to fit your budget.
  • Coworker
    Coworker is a listing site that helps you find the best coworking spaces all over the globe. In the list, you can find the closest coworking spaces in your destination country and even find coffee shops that have good Wi-Fi.
  • Croissant
    You need a membership pass to access coworking spaces in the United States like Boston, New York City, Washington DC, and San Francisco
  • Desks Near Me
    Desks Near Me is a platform where you can reserve a desk in a coworking space by the hour, day, week or even the month.
  • Desksurfing
    Desksurfing is a site that will help you find coworking spaces all over the world. They have options for you to share desks offices, too.
  • Hoffice
    Hoffice is an unusual idea. It is a website that seeks to organize a community of digital nomads who let other remote works come and work in their homes for free.
  • Impact Hub
    One of the more populate coworking spaces, Impact Hub has places in over nine countries, and more are being developed. Impact Hub has a network of coworking spaces, a sense of community, and a longing to help digital nomads made a difference in the places they work.
  • ShareDesk
    ShareDesk is a platform to book meeting rooms, coworking spaces, and shared offices. You can rent the spaces by the hour which gives digital nomads flexibility.
  • Workfrom
    Workfrom is an insider’s guide to the best workspaces in your destination city. The user submits and discusses their favorite cafes, coworking spaces to help them get work done.

You can also find awesome coworking spaces in coworking directories. Some of the best directories include WeWork, Google Maps, StartupBlink, and CoWorker. CoWorker is the most comprehensive coworking directory available. The website is