Saudi employment fund redesign support programs

December 5, 2022

By the HR Observer Staff

Saudi Arabia’s Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) said on Sunday that it has redesigned its eight support programs in order to strengthen and develop its relationship with the private sector, reported local media.

This change the fund said is part of its strategy to support the development of human resources along the needs of the labor market, increase the efficiency of matching supply and demand for jobs, and to enable groups facing challenges to enter, or remain in, the labor market.

The newly designed programs will function under three main pillars of guidance, training and empowerment. The programs are: training support, work-based training, e-training, vocational guidance, functional alignment, income support, empowerment, and jobseekers assistance.

HADAF has managed the employment of 277,000 Saudis in private sector facilities during the first nine months of 2022 spending US $1 billion on employment programs, data from the National Labor Observatory show reported Arab News.

The fund’s new strategy works to align Saudi talent with what the local market needs and the changes that are occurring. Nonetheless, the strategy aims to bridge the gap in the skills and productivity of the national workforce, and raise the efficiency and contribution of national cadres to work in private sector establishments.

The new strategy helps to strengthen and develop the relationship and partnership with the private sector, as “key pillar to promoting development and achieving sustainability through cooperation in various areas that serve the labor market and contribute to its growth and prosperity,” a previous statement by the fund stated.

“We have been eager to develop our strategy, programs, and services to maintain continuous communication with business sector members,” added the statement.

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