In this final post, approaches commonly used in market driven economies are summarised. Specific advice and help can be provided from any of the established compensation consultancies or specialists in the region. The Option in the title gives the employee the choice (or option) of whether or not to exercise (take up) their shares and to cash them in at a profit at an agreed future date.

In this second article Tim discusses the impact on the reward and retention of key staff that the anticipated changes in the global energy market are likely to have. Part 1 introduced the landscape of global oil production and the GCC. It is tempting to pontificate on other matters such as social, cultural and economic change, but let us think about some of the consequences that will face HR and Compensation executives from 2015/16 onwards.

In the first of three articles Tim Knight discusses significant changes to global energy supply and the impact that these changes will have on the way regional employers reward their key staff (not only their expatriate personnel) and innovative ways in which reward can be used as a retention tool. The first article sets out some of the technological and geographic changes taking place in the global energy field and raises some challenges for the region in the wake of dramatic developments elsewhere.

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By Sandrine Bardot
As we approach mid-year, many companies have put in place a mid-year review for checking on progress against goals etc. These tips will help employees prepare for their self-assessment as well as managers who want to give advice to their team members on preparing for the discussion. Don’t hesitate to use the print button at the bottom of this post and you can save it as pdf and distribute it in your organisation if you like.

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We understand you must be busy and your time is precious…

By Sandrine Bardot

Here is a situation that I witnessed at a client’s company.

Imagine the scene : today is the meeting with the Executive Leadership Team where the topic is : “Which changes should we introduce to our performance management system ?”…