Centralized Processing, Global Compliance and strong technology framework

What’s become abundantly clear is the need for HR departments and stakeholders to incorporate flexibility and agility into working practices.

We must future-proof our operations to ensure continuity and functionality! The reactive approach departments have previously taken doesn’t add value to the wider business – and doesn’t ‘show off’ HR as a key business unit. HR now has an opportunity to shine as the key driver of business transformation. How do we use smart tech to do this and provide tangible ROI?

IT departments had a similar problem. By using big name consulting firms, they realized that when they speak to the wider business, they needed to link internal projects and objects to broader business strategy. HR can do this through aligning increased functionality to a key pillar of the wider business strategy. If you are going to buy a technology, what strategic objective are you enabling? And how do other departments benefit? Let’s drive the business and not take a backseat. David Ulrich once said when talking about HR transformation strategy’s for Inside HR:

“If the family isn’t getting along, buying a new TV and a new couch is not going to fix the problem,”

Never has a quote rang more true for where HR needs to tighten its messaging to the business.

One of our large HR partners had an issue providing flexible payment solutions to employees during lockdown. An employee was stuck without money for food during the lockdown, the company owed the money but couldn’t pay it into the employees country of origin bank account for compliance reasons. What if in an emergency we need to pay a member of staff outside of ridged sequenced payroll dates? The Answer is usually through innovative cloud solutions.

What if, at the same time, we can enable payroll to silo offices with fragmented workforces without buying into significant licence banding agreements, long implementation timelines and expensive technology deployment? Cloud computing solves these challenges for HR. It’s time to review our current systems and hey, if we can save money at the same time, great!

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