By Frederik Haentjens

Digital nomads travel from location to location and use technology to perform their jobs. By 2035 there will be an estimated 1 billion people who travel and work using WiFi and digital devices. Why? More and more people are becoming tired of the standard 8-5 model of work and the dismal walls in an office. Opportunities to work remotely are quickly rising, and digital nomads have favorites places to go and work.

Six of the Favorite Places to be a Digital Nomad in 2019 include:

  1. Canggu, Bali. Bali has always had a romantic reputation. The gorgeous beaches, green valleys, and friendly people make Canggu, Bali, a destination for digital nomads who are tired of the daily 8-5 grind. Bali is relatively inexpensive to live in – depending on your lifestyle. Beach parties, mopeds, and cocktails will deplete our savings quickly or can choose to travel the area and take advantage of day trips to Tanah Lot a Hindu temple sitting just offshore on a rock outcrop or take time out to surf at Bau Bolong or Echo beaches.

  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina, is completely different from the sunny tropical sands of Bali. There is outstanding architecture here in Buenos Aires and enough diversity to keep digital nomads from being bored. Argentina has contagious hospitality, and the living is relatively inexpensive if you live away from the city. Transportation is affordable and very safe. Buenos Aires has hundreds of co-working spaces and thousands of Starbucks with excellent WiFi connections. Incredible food, music, and dancing keep digital nomads pumped up.

  3. Chiang Mai, Thailand. It’s okay to travel from one continent to another and the third best place voted by digital nomads in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are ancient temples to explore, a bustling city and glorious nature. Chiang Mai is the prettiest city in Thailand and is relatively inexpensive. Coworking spaces are abundant, and there are many 24-hour cafes.

  4. Mexico City, Mexico, is the fourth-best city for digital nomads. Be safe about carrying your equipment to keep it safe. Save money by enjoying local street food and look for accommodations that are not too expensive. Mexico City is the oldest capital city in the Americans, and there are incredible museums, stunning architecture, and an amazing culture to explore here in Mexico City. WiFi is good, and co-working spaces are easy to find.

  5. Medellin, Colombia is a great up-and-coming digital nomad destination. There used to be troubling rampant violence and drug crime in the past, but today, Medellin is very different. Medellin is relatively inexpensive, and many new co-working spaces are popping up. There are also cozy cafes with excellent WiFi connections, and the landscape is spectacular. Medellin is a great base to go exploring and discover a hidden beach to visit.

  6. Last on our top list of six wonderful digital nomad cities is Budapest, Hungary. Budapest may not be considered exotic, but it has tons of culture, history, and great transportation and WiFi. The city is split in two by the Danube, and this gives your old and new Budapest. Budapest is one of the prettiest cities in Europe, and there is plenty of cafes with excellent WiFi. There are also co working spaces available. And safety is great.

Don’t give up if you desired city is not on the list. There are at least 20 more cities where a digit nomad can life a great life of working and traveling.

About the Author:

This article was written by Frederik Haentjens, founder of, and the author of “The HR Nomad: A remote working guidebook for HR professionals”.

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