Jia Gay / Gabriella Planojevic / Tamika Gordon

  • Chief Human Resources Officer / Global Talent and Development Director / Global L&D Manager

  • Aramex


Aramex is an international express, mail delivery and logistics services company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company was founded by Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson in 1982. It is the first Arab-based company to be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Aramex is listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

This interview was conducted with:

  • Jia Gay, CHRO, Aramex
  • Gabriella Planojevic, Global Talent and Development Director, Aramex
  • Tamika Gordon, Global L&D Manager, Aramex

Question and Answer

The key challenge is the access to employees through virtual learning platforms, upskilling our L&D team in how to design and train in a virtual set up and rapidity of knowledge and skill update required eg. in the IT departments.

The other challenge that needs to be addressed are different generational groups and their preferred learning options eg. face to face or virtual, the challenge to pull people out of the work for more than 1 day, + the shorter attention span and higher disruptions…. how do we still get the learnings across in such an environment.

Also when working virtually how to control the learning environment to enable better focus and attention and how to maximize on the current internal resources to open more social learning opportunities.

Leading with empathy, understanding that these are unprecedented times and staying in regular touch
We have a number of collaboration platforms we utilize eg. TEAMS
Regular communication from the senior leadership
One platform that includes all the latest updates, for employees to access
From an L&D function look at opportunities to upskill and uplift.

Making sure employees have the resources to be able to stay productive eg. Laptops, internet connectivity,
Having regular check-ins, ensuring people can still feel connected
Looking out for virtual learning opportunities that people can capitalize on, and sharing….creating that social learning (which is still a work in progress for us)
Being purposeful in creating group projects, and keeping people included.
Recognising employees who are doing a great job and going above and beyond.

It has challenged our level of preparation, and our project management
Better versed in leading training virtually, how do we still engage, motivate and interact with people who are not face to face
How does L&D become more social, how do we leverage our current tools to keep conversations going to sustain the learning
How to embrace the concept of microlearning, and AI to maximize impact.
Continue focusing even more on learner centricity in whatever we do.

Engaging with Internal communications, and your internal communication platforms.
Ensure ease of access, and simplicity of use, access on the go.
Creating viral interest eg.using internal social influencers, setting a competition, or badges.

Ensure that there is the right structure in place, eg. Job descriptions, competency frameworks etc..
Educate employees and line managers how to go about setting their learning journeys
Ensuring line managers are creating space to discuss learning and growth, and ability to share learning needs with the L&D team.
Curating content to guide people to where to access learning information.
Integrating such messages when releasing internal promotion notifications.

Take a holistic approach and consider the person as a whole.
Make it relevant and practical

Speaking about emotional intelligence and managing self in times of uncertainty, and coping, to enhance resilience.
Helping employees to learn that it’s OK to let go of the past, if it does not serve you.
Capturing the learnings that were gained during these challenging times, and bringing the awareness that great things happen during times of challenge.
Ensure that the impact of these new learnings stick and stay with you.