The shock of COVID-19 left individuals, organisations and entire countries reeling, forcing them to adapt to a vastly different reality than existed before 2020 – for workplaces, this has meant adopting new modes of working. Beyond the boom in remote working, the entire concept of the “job” has come under unprecedented scrutiny, with many organisations and workers forced to take hard decisions in order to survive.

As the pandemic starts to recede, we all have an opportunity to take stock and consider: what will work look like in the future? What, among all the adjustments, is worth keeping, what will we be happy to leave behind – and what still needs to change, to allow workers and organisations to cope with the next crisis?

HR Observer in collaboration with TASC outsourcing surveyed 187 HR and management professionals across the GCC on their views and approaches to the blended workforce model.

Traditional approaches to workforce planning aren’t built to cope with the realities of the evolving work environment. With over 52% of our survey respondents said their organisations were moving away from traditional models of work and looking to adopt new models. The blended workforce model is a concept on the cusp of wider adoption by organisations, as it calls for more strategic, long-term use of contractors. As we have seen, GCC executives are aware of the idea, and persuaded by many of the benefits of utilising contractors as part of the workforce.

You can now read the complete research and look at some of the benefits, challenges, and opportunities the blended workforce has for regional organizations.

Download the report to find out more about:

  • The state of blended workforce in the GCC
  • Advantages and Benefits of a blended workforce
  • Challenges and barriers to a successful blended workforce

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