The competition within the oil and gas industry is 3-dimensional. It’s understandable, as it remains one of the most profitable sectors in the world despite a global oil price slump. If you want to ace your interview with an oil and gas firm, you may want to increase your industry knowledge. A $300 suit and a recommendation from your former boss won’t be enough if you’re gunning for a top position within the industry

1.Know the major problems the industry is facing

Oil behemoth Shell is known for giving tough interview questions to its applicants. Apart from a written and oral interview, the oil firm tests its applicants to provide workable solutions to the current problems in the oil and gas industry. Right now, the major problems include lessening carbon emissions by incorporating biodiesels to petrol stations, and stabilizing declining prices of oil and gas products. If you can come up with unique, feasible solutions to these problems backed by studies, your chances of getting hired will be increased.

2. Know what the firm does and who its partners are

Before applying to an oil and gas firm, it helps to know what their missions and visions are. This shows companies your dedication to their cause because you know what they do and are planning to do. It may also help to get a grasp of the company’s operations by finding out about their partners and affiliations. For example, Unaoil was recently welcomed by the Iraq Britain Business Council as its newest member. The company is known for its works in engineering, construction, workforce solutions, and repair and maintenance, and its partnership with IBBC will enable it to operate on a much wider scale. Knowing things like these can impress HRs so make sure to research information like this when applying.

3. Hire someone to edit your resume

This may seem trivial to some but an error-free resume can take you a long way. Some HRs actually separate the good ones from the bad by reading the first paragraph of a resume. This is especially true for applicants that are just starting out. Unless you’re a well-known figure in the oil and gas industry, make sure to triple check your resume, or have it proofread by someone who has great grammar and proof reading skills, before submitting it to the firm of your choice.