Professor, author and expert on leadership development, Herminia Ibarra, will join us at HR Summit and Expo to share her approach on how to step up to bigger leadership roles through her sessions; ‘Leadership Development: How Can HR Reinvent Themselves by First Acting Like a Leader, Then Thinking Like One’.

Allowing flexible hours enables efficiency for both sexes, according to a new survey carried out by global PR and Communications body, Global Women in PR (GWPR).  And while flexibility is attractive to the 83% of parent respondents who found balancing childcare and work a challenge, women are still at a huge disadvantage in the working world; one in three cite a lack of confidence as the one factor that held them back in the workplace, particularly where asking for a pay-rise is concerned.

Employment conditions for organisations in the UAE are favourable thanks to reduced wage pressures and a ready supply of skilled candidates. The findings come alongside the launch of the sixth edition of the Hays Global Skills Index, published in association with Oxford Economics. The report, ‘Regional dynamics of the global labour market: skills in demand and tomorrow’s workforce’ is based on an analysis of professional employment markets across 33 global economies, assessing the dynamics at play in each local labour market.

Professor, author, thought leader and founder of Hot Spots Movement, Lynda Gratton, brings over 20 years’ experience to HR Summit and Expo 2017.

During day two of the regional HR event, delegate ticket holders will have the opportunity to attend two sessions with HR Guru Lynda as she discusses how the corporate world has changed dramatically over recent years, reshaped by the forces of technology, globalisation and demography, and how it is due to affect the future of HR.